EDGE General Incorporated Association(Japan)
Address 6-6-1-106 Ochiai Tama City Tokyo Japan
Representative Director Miwa Tanaka
Board of Directors Miwa Tanaka
Tomomi Tanaka (Founder)
  Miho Higashide
EDGE LLC (United States)
Address 5221 Franconia Road Ste 10323 Alexandria VA 22310


Tomomi Tanaka (Founder)

As a young child growing up on the island of Kyushu, Tomomi became interested in poverty alleviation after seeing a television program on famine in Bangladesh in the late-70s. This spurred a desire to solve food shortage problems.

Tomomi began her graduate studies in agriculture at Kyushu University and visited Vietnam to conduct field research. It was during these numerous trips that she realized the importance of sound economic policies as a prerequisite for economic development and poverty alleviation. She left the doctoral program at Kyushu University and began studying at University of Hawaii where she earned a Ph.D. in economics. She later received a doctorate in agriculture from Kyushu University.

In 2012, Tomomi went to Bangladesh to design saving programs for garment factory workers. Seeing the pronounced state of poverty and gender inequality, she started EDGE (Economic Development & Global Education) with a purpose of creating jobs for women.

Prior to starting EDGE, Tomomi was an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, a Specially Approved Associate Professor at Keio University, a Research Fellow at the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, a Research Fellow at University of Tokyo, a Post-Doc at Caltech, and a Consultant at the World Bank. She has taught behavioral economics, game theory, global markets, development economics and global career development.

Tomomi received the Enjoji Jiro Memorial Prize for the most promising economists from Nikkei in December 2012. In 2013, she was identified as one of “25 Girls of the Next Generation” by Nikkei Woman Magazine in their 25th anniversary special edition. Tomomi was also selected as a Woman of the Year 2014 by Nikkei Woman Magazine.